Basically, we all enjoy a nice pint of beer, right? Of course we do. Well, I had a dream a while back. The dream went something like this. Wouldn’t it be fun to have a pint in every pub in North Staffordshire? Not in the same night, obviously – there’s over 400, I doubt I’d even make it into double figures. No, just once or twice a week would do. Then, I thought to myself how would I keep track of this beer drinking experience? Thus the idea of a blog was born!

However, I wanted this to be a little bit different from the usual “this pub has a pool table and a good atmosphere” type reviews you see. Basically, I’m going to be going to a random pub every week (chosen via random number generator – there’s a spreadsheet!) and giving a humorous, witty & insightful review of the pub. Nah, not really – I’m just going to be ranting nonsense about the pub, and using a less generic scoring system (which will hopefully make at least someone smile). Using a potentially generic 5 pint scoring system.

  • Beer Choice/Range
  • Ambience
  • Facilities (Beer Garden/Smoking Area – heaters etc, Bar Games)
  • Location – Easy to get to, parking facilities.
  • Locals/Safeness.
  • Pork Scratchings!
  • Toilets (Smell, Cleanliness, Hand Dryers)
  • Other – Can you Vape inside, do they do food?

Last but not least –

I love Fruli, so if a pub has this on draft it’s going to potentially score highly!

So, that’s about it by way of introduction – expect some interesting pub reviews from this blog!