Ye Olde Manor Inne, Fenton


Pub 25. Ye Olde Manor Inne, Fenton. 5/5/18

In attendance – DJT, Po, Pete Cotton, Quinny

This is another pub that is actually within walking distance of my house (just), and yet I’ve never set foot inside. I really don’t know why, perhaps it’s just a tiny bit out of the way to warrant heading for a quick pint. Anyway, I imagine there’s going to be plenty more pubs of this kind still to come. When you think of a pub called “Ye Olde Manor Inne” you’d be mistaken for thinking it would be a throwback to the medieval times. In fact, a medieval themed pub has been sadly missing from Stoke in my opinion! The pub is situated on a side street, just off one of the main roads through Fenton. Whilst there isn’t a carpark, there is plenty of parking on the road nearby. The building does look a bit old on the outside, but certainly not run down. The sign amused me, as it is just a picture of the pub!


As you enter through the front door, you are faced with small area to your right with a dart board, a quiz machine, fruit machine and some seating. The bar is in front of you, and you have to squeeze past the pool table which is in front of the bar at a slightly random angle. Over to the left there is more seating, and a flat screen TV which had the football on. Whilst not busy by any stretch, there were a few people in the pub. It’s actually a fairly big place, I’m not sure how busy it would get at the weekend though. There is pretty much wooden floor throughout, which I do like in a pub, and wooden panelling on the walls which does give the pub a bit of an old fashioned feel. It’s almost like it’s not been touched up in at least 1 years, but overall it’s not dirty and the seating was adequate if a bit “working men’s club”, and there isn’t really a lounge/bar divide. There were no Pork Scratchings, but there is a payphone by the toilets which is something you don’t really see these days. I would have preferred a nice bag of swine though.

Beer choice was alright, although there wasn’t an amazing choice if you want a real ale, with Bass and some random stout called Crème Bearlee. If you want a lager, you’ve got the choice of Carling, Staropramen or Coors Light. The only cider I saw was Strongbow, and there was an absence of Fruli. In hindsight, it does seem like the kind of place where Carling is the big seller so I wouldn’t have thought an exotic strawberry based beverage would go down too well. I opted for a Bass, which wasn’t particularly brilliant but after a couple I didn’t really mind. At £5.80 for a Staropramen and a Bass, the value for money was pretty good. It appears that you can vape inside, and there are signs that say there is a restaurant upstairs so I imagine they do food. However, we didn’t venture upstairs so I’m not sure what the vibe is like up there.


There is a fairly decent outdoor smoking area through a door to the side of the pub, which has a few wooden benches and a covered area that has a nice tiled floor. It’s probably a bit of a suntrap when the weather is nice. The gent’s toilets feature a metal trough urinal, 1 cubicle and 2 sinks. There are slightly dated blue tiles and 2 mirrors if you want to look at yourself after doing your business. The white “no brand” hand dryer was a bit asthmatic, but eventually dried my hands to a semi-adequate level. The main feature for me of the toilets was the slightly bizarre automatic lights that did seem to have a life of their own. Otherwise, nothing much to report. There were no women with us again, so I cannot provide feedback on the ladies toilets.

The pub had quite a friendly atmosphere, there was no trouble and it all felt pretty safe. The payphone was an interesting feature in today’s day and age. Beer choice could be improved with a few real/craft ales. The pub does look old on the outside, and old on the inside. But with a name like Ye Olde Manor Inne, it’s not going to be a trendy high street bar, is it? Overall then, there’s nothing that makes the pub stand out but then again there’s nothing overly offensive about it. It’s alright. And there’s nothing wrong with that.


Beer choice/range – 2/5

Ambience – 3/5

Facilities – 4/5

Location – 2/5

Locals/Safeness –3.5/5

Pork scratchings – 0/5

Fruli – 0/1

Toilets – 2.5/5

Other – 5/5

Overall – 22/41


Random Attendee Comments –

“Relatively cheap beer, dartboard, pool table, games machine – things that men like! If you want to take that further, there’s a knocking shop next door. Doesn’t make up for the lack of scratchings though” – Po

“Decent pub. Was expecting it to be rough but it was not. Decent pint of Staropramen. Slightly annoyed that the quiz machine suddenly stopped working” – Pete Cotton

“I remember going to the opening night of this place when it reopened as Ye Olde Manor Inne nearly 20 years ago. There’s obviously some kind of mad “Cocoon” style shit (only involving pubs, not OAPs and Steve Guttenberg) in Fenton as this hostelry’s interior appears to have been immaculately preserved from how it was in 1999. Still, decent enough boozer and you can’t complain at just over 3 quid for a Staropramen” – Quinny

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