Park Inn, Dresden


Pub 12  – Park Inn, Dresden. 7/2/18

In attendance – DJT, Po, Kate, Amy, Swin

After the previous weeks trip to the Red Lion, the consensus was that we already had an early front runner for the highly coveted “Pub of the Year” award. However, that doesn’t mean that we can rest on our laurels so it was off to the Park Inn in Dresden on a Wednesday night for a couple of scoops.

From the outside, it’s a good looking, well-lit pub with a smart covered area at the front of the establishment that invites you to go and have a drink inside and although there isn’t a carpark, we didn’t have trouble plonking the car on the road outside. On entering, the bar is in front, there is a nice tiled floor welcoming you and signs that show what beers (and other drinks) are available above the bar. It’s just as well, because there are those silver beer pumps that I personally don’t like as it’s sometimes a bit tricky to see what beer can be procured. Moving onto the beer choice then, there is Carling, Carlsberg and Dortmunder if you want a lager. Finally, no Coors Light! For the real ales, there was Infinity IPA, Abbot Ale, Bass Mild, Grays Smooth, Guinness and London Stout so plenty of choice. Cider drinkers can pick either Stongbow or SW Orchards Cider. The strawberry based awesomeness that it Fruli is sadly lacking though.


For my first drink, I had a Dortmunder which retailed at £3.30. Service was quick and there were no issues obtaining a beer. We went and sat in the fairly large “lounge-esque” area to the right. There isn’t really a defined split between a bar or lounge as the pub is pretty open plan but there is a nice wooden floor throughout the pub and the combination of stools, benches & chairs are comfortable. You can tell that there has been a fairly recent spruce up of the pub and it all looks really pleasant throughout. There is a separate section featuring a dartboard (which I was told is a good quality board) and a games/fruit machine although there is no pool table, they don’t do food and you do need to go outside for a vape. There are a couple of flat screen TVs which had the football on, and the place generally has a Stoke City “theme” about it. I imagine when Stoke are playing it probably gets a bit busy. However, on our visit there were  still around 37 people in the pub (yes, we counted) and there was a decent vibe about the place.


Other than the area at the front of the pub where there are some nice benches with soft cushions, down a few steps takes you to an outside smoking area that has some decent al fresco table and chair combinations, although the heaters were not working on our visit. In this area there are some “pre-stolen” cones, ready for you to re-live your student days and take home with you when you have had a few too many beverages.


After my Dortmunder, which was fine (although it came in a Carling glass), I decided to try one of the real ales, opting for the Infinity IPA. This was a really enjoyable pint and I sampled a couple more during the night! Pork scratchings were Openshaws Pork Scratchings and retailed at a pound which seems to be a standardised price in most places. They were a pretty standard bag of swine, although there could be more/larger scratchings but as a quick snack whilst enjoying a drink they met the brief.


It’s worth noting that there is a bit of a dip on the way to the toilets, I reckon it might catch you out if you were drunk! The gent’s toilets has a metal trough urinal, 1 cubicle, 1 sink and features some nice blue tiles. Overall a pretty standard pub toilet in its application, but for the size of the pub is a bit small. The “Warner Howard” hand dryer was a bit feeble, but eventually dried the hands. The main issue I’d have with the gents is that the door is fairly narrow. The larger gentleman would probably have to go to the disabled toilets or risk getting stuck which might be an embarrassment. The Women’s toilets were sufficient, with 2 cubicles, 1 sink and a carpeted floor that attracted mixed opinions. However, I cannot verify any of this information.

So, the Park Inn then. It’s a decent boozer, good choice of beers and quite a nice, lively environment to enjoy a couple of beers on a Wednesday night (or even any other night). There are a couple of other pubs within walking distance of this one, once we’ve been to the others I could comment on whether a “Dresden Pub Crawl” would be feasible. Based on the Park Inn, I’d be up for it.


Beer choice/range – 4/5

Ambience – 4/5

Facilities – 3/5

Location – 3.5/5

Locals/Safeness – 4/5

Pork scratchings – 3/5

Fruli – 0/1

Toilets – 3/5

Other – 1/5

Overall –25.5/41


Random Attendee Comments –

“Pleasantly surprised. Decent beers selection, plenty of screens for watching the football as well as a dartboard. If you get bored of that then the open plan layout also lends itself to a game of British Bulldog. Decent boozer.” – Po

“So…thought on the Park Inn. Definitely the best pub in Dresden (if not the world) and makes a superb local. Great cask cider and a selection of fine ales or lager to be had. Always warm and comfy with a good friendly vibe. Fine swine although a little on the small side and lacking hair. I vote the Park Inn for pub of the year 2018” – Swin

“The Park Inn was a pleasant enough experience, I would probably return here again although it was not my favourite” – Kate


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