Plume of Feathers, Barlaston


Pub 9 – Plume of Feathers, Barlaston. 10/1/18

In attendance – DJT, Po, Pete Cotton

I think we are all aware of the well known TV actor “Neil Morrissey”. For those of you who don’t know, the full name of this pub (as stated on the signs outside) is “The Plume of Feathers With Neil Morrissey”. I’ve actually been here on a number of occasions but never met Neil Morrissey. I wasn’t certain whether Neil would be joining us for this episode of Two Pint Perspective but you never know.

The large pub occupies a canal-side location, you can tell from the outside that it has been renovated to a good standard and there is some nice foliage outside the pub. There are benches outside, close to the canal so would be decent in summer if you fancied a bimble along the canal with a couple of pints at the end (I have done this). There are 2 carparks to either side of the pub, both of which were pretty busy when we arrived at around 7.30. Upon entering the pub, we realised that the reason for this was because there was a quiz night one. In fact, this is by far the busiest establishment that we have been to so far, with a good variety of clientele who seemed to be friendly enough. However as we were 3 reprobates from Stoke we did get a couple of disapproving looks, possibly due to the lack of tweed in our attire!


The pub does look smart, with a wooden floor in the bar area and carpet elsewhere, there is an area for dining towards the back of the pub. The bar is in the middle of the pub, service was quick, friendly and we had a laugh with the bar staff. There are a couple of TVs in the pub, one had the news on and the other had updates on what was happening in the pub, upcoming events and information about the beers that are available. I actually think this is a pretty good feature. On the subject of beer, the choice was really good, 3 lagers available were Carling, Stella and Estrella. For real ale drinkers, there is a great choice featuring Joules Pale Ale, Black Sheep Ale, Titanic Plum Porter, Doom Bar, Pedigree and Bass as well as two other ales – Morrissey Blonde and Plume Bitter which I assume were brewed especially for the pub. There were probably others but no Fruli. Beers seemed to be priced between the £3 to £4 range, I had a Pale Ale and my lager drinking colleagues went for the Stella and we were all happy with our choices. Once we had our beers, we managed to find somewhere to sit down in the lounge as all tables in the bar were taken. Latecomers seemed to find it a bit more difficult to find it harder to find a seat.


The smoking area is at the front of the pub, there are nice tables & chairs and heaters although they weren’t working on our visit. Pork scratchings were home-made, and seemed to be the crackling from when they have a pork roast joint. These retailed at 10p each, as we were used to paying a pound for a bag, we were given the whole jar! Although they were really salty, they were different enough to be interesting and were actually pretty decent. I do prefer my pork scratchings to be more traditional, and have a mixture of crunch and softness, with the occasional hair! On our visit, a variety of music was being played as a precursor to the pub quiz, the volume was fine although choice of songs was debateable (Gang Nam Style?)

Facilities-wise, there isn’t a pool table, dart board and I didn’t see a fruit machine. I think the pub is going for a more up-market, beer and dining type vibe so a pool table would probably be a bit out of place. As such, there are food menus on the tables and it looks like a pretty decent range of dishes at around £15 for a meal.

Toilet facilities were good, there are actually 2 sets of toilets at either end of the. Both Gents had 4 urinals, 2 sinks and 1 cubicle. They were clean & fresh smelling, with nice tiles and painted wooden panels. The “Be Hygienic” dryer had an impressive amount of hand drying power. Since we had no female attendees, we don’t have a report on the womens toilets but if anything like the men’s they would be perfectly acceptable, although I cannot verify this information. There is also a disabled toilet, again this was not visited.

There’s not a lot I can say about this pub really. We stayed for a few hours, and had a couple of pints each. It’s not the kind of boozer that I would normally spend a long time in, but it’s another one off the list. A perfectly pleasant establishment and I would recommend it if you were in the area and wanted a couple of drinks in a nice environment, perhaps after a walk along the canal. I imagine it would be sound if you wanted somewhere to take the Mrs for a nice meal. Just get there early if you want to take part in the pub quiz.

In case you were wondering, we didn’t meet Neil Morrissey. Apparently, he was in France.


Beer choice/range – 4.5/5

Ambience – 2/5

Facilities – 1/5

Location – 3.5/5

Locals/Safeness – 3.5/5

Pork scratchings – 2.5/5

Fruli – 0/1

Toilets – 4.5/5

Other – 2.5/5

Overall –24/41


Random Attendee Comments –

“Decent boozer, beer was good although it’s more if a place to take the Mrs. Done up nice – very swanky. Shame that Neil Morrissey wasn’t about” – Pete Cotton

“The sign says “The Plume Of Feathers with Neil Morrissey”. Neil was not serving behind the bar so I feel lied to” – Po

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